Residential and Commercial Alarm Systems in South East Queensland

Looking for a basic alarm system to protect your home, or a large multi-area alarm system with access control in a commercial building, or anything in between? Keepsafe Security can design and install security systems that will fulfil your needs and adhere to your requirements and budget.

A Security Alarm System

A Security Alarm System is a great way to protect your premises from potential unwanted guests. An alarm system generally protects the inside of the property and can alert you when there is a zone activation.

If you would like to find out more about how we can design and install a security alarm system that best suits your needs, please don’t hesitate to contact us. Our service area ranges from Sunshine Coast to Brisbane to Northern NSW, including as far west as Ipswich.

Bosch Solution 6000

We use and recommend Bosch Alarm Systems. The Bosch Solution series alarm systems have been around since the mid-90s. The latest incarnation is the Bosch Solution 6000, with our plans starting from as low as $10.00 + GST per month. The Bosch Solution 6000 will meet all your security alarm requirements.

Designed and manufactured in Australia to meet local and international requirements the Bosch Solution 6000 panel offers an extensive feature list. The Bosch Solution 6000 Access and Intrusion alarm panel offers integrated proximity, numerous wire-free options, high-speed Windows programming software, mobile app control, and the simplest user interface on the market today.

Additional Features of the Bosch Alarm System

Graphic User Interface

The Graphic User Interface incorporates a text-driven menu. Colour-coded, illuminated keys allow for easy identification and operation in all ambient light conditions and provide a positive feel to the user. Red and green indicators provide easy identification of armed modes, and the in-built sounder provides audible feedback via polyphonic like signalling tones during system operation.

16 On-board Zones

The Bosch Solution 6000 can be expanded up to 144 wired or wireless zones, using zone expanders and/or serial radio receivers. Zone programming determines the panel’s response to open and tamper conditions on the zone loop. Zones may be programmed individually to monitor all types of security alarms, fire alarms and supervision devices.

Integrated Access Control

Access control is no longer reserved only for larger, more expensive systems. Proximity technology from Bosch provides an affordable and effective solution for up to 16 access doors. The new LAN readers include egress and lock control built in, which reduces cost and simplifies installation.

Up to 256 Unique Users

Up to 256 individual users may be included in the alarm system. Each user can be given a unique PIN code, RF key fob, proximity token, and fingerprint credential if required. The Bosch Solution 6000 supports variable-length PIN codes up to 8 digits.

MyAlarm Mobile App

The MyAlarm iFob Control Application for Android and Apple gives you total alarm control in the palm of your hand.

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